Grow Your Own

An interesting story about growing your own food: “Pushing the boundaries of self-sustenance” in The Age yesterday.

Ricky Somerville converted his back garden using aquaponics to produce an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Chooks eat the vegie scraps, bees produce honey in the front garden and he even raises trout and silver perch in the water tanks.

There is something particularly mouth-watering about eating fresh food – and we can’t think of anything fresher about eating vegies and fish harvested from your back garden.

What raised discussions for us was the idea that growing your own wasn’t particularly easy or economical, what with the cost of setting up the complicated aquaponics system.

Often with sustainability we often emphasise the economical advantages of solutions such as energy saving solutions saving the consumer money too. However there are other benefits of making sustainable lifestyle choices – how many can you think of?

Perhaps we should stop thinking about sustainability in terms of how we can save a few dollars, and start thinking about how we can save the earth in a few easy steps!

You can also watch Ricky on his youtube channel

aquaponics copy Image from The Age


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