Melbourne: a green city?

There are a number of wonderful initiatives happening in the city of Melbourne. If you are wandering around the city keep your eyes peeled for sustainable actions – big and small.

A Melbourne fact: The now ubiquitous KeepCup was invented in Melbourne! (And a really good example of how thinking green can make you money! Read more at

While in the city keep a lookout for one of the many green buildings or features such as vertical gardens in the city. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Green buildings
    • Council House 2
    • foyer of 60 Leicestershire Street
    • Pixel Building, 205 Queensberry Rd, Carlton
    • foyer of the EPA Building, Victoria Street
    • ANZ Building, Docklands (note wind turbines on roof)
    • Szencorp Building, 40 Albert Rd South Melbourne
  • the solar panels at Queen Victoria Market
  • vertical garden, Melbourne Central
  • beehives and vertical gardens, Alto Hotel Melbourne
  • Guildford Lane Gallery green wall

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