Worth reading and quoting

A lovely thing happened once when I was teaching Geography in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs. Picture your typical 15yo surfie kid who doesn’t like school much because he just wants to be outside catching waves or playing footy. We had been studying urbanisation and Melbourne’s urban sprawl, and this kid offered, “Melbourne should grow up, not out“.

I’ve always thought I should it printed on a T-shirt.

Elizabeth Farelly’s article from ‘The Age’ “Food for thought: Carr by name, car by nature” raises some good points about our nation’s “sub-urban obsession”, with our miles and miles of roadways. In particular, “Who’d inhabit the concrete jungle when they could live with birds and trees? It’s so worth the two-hour drive … So wrong. The answer is not to escape cities, but to reclaim and transform them. To make them our luscious oases, dripping in greenery, with vine-shaded streets and rice-paddy clad office blocks. With our help, our cities can become sanctuaries of sumptuous delight.” What a beautiful image!

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/food-for-thought–carr-by-name-car-by-nature-in-office-20130116-2ctpb.html#ixzz2Ke0xgNRJ

Green_wall_Paris (Green wall, Paris – creative commons)


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